This is my first Blog and it concerns something that is very important to me. E cigarettes are important to me for a couple of reasons.  First reason is because I was able to quit smoking and started vaping all on the same day. The FDA says that E cigarettes can not be marketed to use to quit smoking. Why not ? 
        The American Government would loose all that money that they get from big tobacco. The number of people who use Electric cigarettes grow every day, so to try to scare people away from being healthy our government makes this huge deal out of the guy in Colorado that blew half of his face off with an E cigarette. But there is another part of that story that they don't publicize much. The idiot in question received his kit in the mail and then got in his car and drove to Radio Shack and bought a battery that was not intended for an E cigarette and he Modified it to fit. These are the batteries that came with his kit  2 x AW17670 Protected Li-Ion Batteries (Rated at 3.7v - 1600mAh)  but this Idiot said well I know more about this than the people who manufacture it does and he went to Radio Shack and purchased an Enercell battery now I cant say exactly what Enercell battery he bought but when I went to Radio Shacks page and typed in Enercell battery I got a whole page of them. See for yourself.  

E-cigarettes can be considered as the safer smoking alternative, as it does not causes harm to lungs.


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