So there has been another article about e cigarettes exploding. This one makes me laugh because I think this lady just wants her 15 minutes of fame but in my opinion she will only get 15 minutes of shame.
I am not denying that there was a problem with that disposable e cigarette. For the record I actually had one do it in the past and that is why we do not sell disposable e cigarettes at Fleck Distributions any more.  The disposable cigarette that as they are saying "exploded " for me just gave a little pop noise and the cartridge part popped apart but never came disconnected. I have experienced at "exploding" disposable e cigarettes. What I think happened was when it popped it scared her and she accidently knocked over the lamp because there is no way possible that a little battery like that filled the room with smoke and it could never have the power to knock that heavy of an item over or knock something down clear across the room. Explain to me how this large of an explosion did not burn her hand or arm. You would need at least a quarter stick of dynamite AKA an M80.  Here is the link to the article, I would really appreciate your thoughts on this.

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I have tried a lot of e cigarettes and I have never had one that tastes like an analog cigarette. I do not mind people plugging their business , I encourage it but I do not want people making false accusations. I would appreciate it if you would kindly remove the part about the taste. Otherwise I will have to remove your whole comment.


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