I knew they were coming after us sooner or later. The F.D.A.  is basically looking for people to snoop. That does not surprise anyone, but it makes me wonder about something. I know that what I just said does not make a lot of sense but it will in a minute. I would like for you to read this article and then everything will make sense , hopefully Publications Surveillance Now that you have read that the first couple of sentences make sense. Here is what is bothering me, we all know that company buyouts and takeovers don't happen overnight.  Sometimes they are years in the making. Everyone that Vapes knows that Blu e cig was just bought by Lorillard who just so happen to be the makers of Newport,Kent,Old Gold and Maverick just to name a few of the cigarette brands that they sell. Yes I said " Cigarette " not e cigarette. It seems very strange that this buyout happens and this article was published 4-26-2012. Am I the only one who thinks this is a little to much of a coincident. I would love to here what anyone else has to say about this.

Hmm, well if I was the CEO of a major tobacco company, and looked at the e-cig trend. I would probably think I'm gonna be out of a job soon, unless, our company jumps on the boat. Then I would look for one of the top 10 manufactures of mass consumer level products and see who's willing to sell.

It really makes sense when you think about it.


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